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Rinnai Domino Grill Burner RB-11G-C

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 Product Spec


Number of Burners 1
Flame Rating (kW) LPG 2.2kW
Cooktop Type Aluminium Frame (Front & Rear), Schott Ceran Glass
Control Type Knob
Pan Support Type Cast Stainless Steel
Safety Device Yes
Ignition Type Battery Ignition
Cut-out Size W268 x D490mm
Dimension W310 x D522 x H49mm
Product Origin Japan
Standard Warranty 2 Years
Condition 100% Authentic New Stock



Grill Burner Asthetic
European design with Asian cooking style. Do it your way!

Efficient Flame
High heat efficiency with even heat distribution for a perfect grill.

Elegant Knobs
Ergonomically designed metal knobs that enhance the appearance of this modular series.

Flame Failure Safety Device
When the burner is accidentally extinguished, the thermostat reacts and shuts off the gas supply to the burner.

Schott Ceran Glass
Durable and heat resistant Schott glass.


  • Winner of GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2008 in JAPAN
  • Modular type build-in hob to enable your favourite combination choices
  • Fusing European aesthetic design with Asian cooking style
  • Sophisticated design with noble appearance suits any stylish kitchen
  • Schott ceramic glass top from Germany
  • Superior pan support made of stainless steel
  • Ergonomically designed metal knob
  • Detachable drip pans for easy cleaning

1. Why does my gas hob have the red flame?
The red flame depends on the composition of hydro carbon in the gas. More hydro carbon causes the flame to be red. The red flame will not "burn" or causes "scorched" to cooking appliances.

2. Is the red flame not good?
Yes. It will make your pot black and no good combustion.

3. Why is it hard to ignite the stover?
Sometimes the air needed to cause ignition is trap in the gas valve. Let the air circulate by pressing ignition knob longer.

4. Why sometimes there is "burping" sound when turning off the stove?
Because there is too much air in the gas valve, the air comes onto when turning off the stove causing the "burping" sound. This situation is not dangerous. Adjust the damper to avoid this situation.

5. Is high consumption equals to big flame?
No. It depends on design, Example: Rinnai Inner flame low comsuption and more heat efficiency. 

6. What is the different between tempered glass and ceramic glass?
Tempered glass heat can stand 400 celcious; Ceramic stands 800 celcious.

7. What is the different of inner flame and normal flame?
Heat efficientcy (less of Heat loss).

8. Why usual cooking, the flame always flit outward?
Heat efficientcy (less of Heat loss).

9. How often we should service the cooker hob?
Minor (6 months), Major (1year).

10. How should I maintain cleanness of the top plate?
Clean it after each cooking.

11. What should we be aware?
Cut out dimension. If glass please install body screw. Please use normal regulator (new).

12. What are the charges for general service (Overall servicing not including part)?
RM100, subject to change based on Rinnai (M) Sdn Bhd.

13. What are the charges for on site service (exp: education, installation checking, on spot minor services)?
RM60, subject to change based on Rinnai (M) Sdn Bhd.



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