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Honeywell Smart Water Filter Faucet

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Honeywell Smart Water Filter Faucet

Code : SMF-10

Each time turn on the faucet LED light on the Faucet will light up to indicating filter conditions

Green Light : filters are within safe limits

Yellow Light : The filter is close to the safe range

Red Light : A filter is out of safe range need to replace

2 AAA Size Battery Operated

*Adaptable to all Brand under counter water filter

Once the yellow and red lights are on, check the control box located in the cabinet below the faucet. The indicator above indicates the corresponding filter element. Replace and adjust the filter element in time.

1) 100% Authentic New Product 
2) Money Back Guarantee
3) One to One exhange Basic

WARRANTY Water treatment systems by Honeywell (excluding replaceable elements) are covered by a limited warranty against defects in material and workmanship for a period of five years after date of purchase. Honeywell replaceable elements (filter cartridges and water treatment cartridges) are covered by a limited warranty against defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year after date of purchase.

Why Honeywell

Honeywell Company Profile

One of the 30 companies in "Dow Jones Industrial Average" and "S & P 500 index" component , Honeywell has turnover of $ 42 billion in 2014 and 195th in the Fortune 500 list.
Honeywell as an international enterprise has many years of experience in domestic water treatment for NASA
Honeywell Is the United States Aviation Administration (NASA) lungs association research partners. Honeywell water treatment products cover the front filter, the central water, the central soft water, drinking water etc., fully meet the daily needs of every families of healthy and safe water.

Honeywell Water Treatment Products

Honeywell water treatment equipment design and configuration to the user's need for water treatment throughout the house, the whole program is from Honeywell pre-filter + central water purifier + central soft water Machine + water purifier to purify the tap water and reduce water hardness to ensure that all living water treatment thoroughly achieve clean ,colorless and tasteless standards. While in the kitchen to install Honeywell water purifier, to meet the needs of users direct drinking water, and to ensure that drinking water to meet the standard healthy and safe drinking water.


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