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Franke Hood ( FD3388F 908 XS/G )

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- Tempered glass+stainless steel
- Extraction rate: 1000 m3/h
- 3 speed
- LCD touch control
- 900mm wide
- Lighting:2x20W Halogen lamps
- R ecycle / V entilation
- Max Noise Level: 68dB(A)



The kitchen hood is not simply a functional item to remove steam and odours.
The right choice can enhance the whole look of a kitchen, providing a dramatic design statement or an understated complement to the overall aesthetic.
As you’d expect from a Franke product, every hood in our range achieves the very highest standard of quality and technical excellence,
combined with exceptional attention to detail and finish.
The range offers a true diversity of options; from ceiling, downdraft and wall mounted installation to designs particularly suited for use with an island unit.

Powerful, quiet and modern in styling, they provide the optimum environment to create exceptional cooking.
Apart from the different style options, the main factor determining choice of hood is the size of the kitchen.
The hood must be powerful enough to change the air in the room 10 times an hour, when in operation.


Ceiling Hoods
As the name suggests, the hood is installed directly into the ceiling and represents an understated choice, which can lend a more open feel to a kitchen.

Island Hoods
In larger kitchens boasting an island cooking area, an island hood is the perfect complement to create a focal point to the space.

Wall Mounted Hoods
Venting directly out of the wall, or set to recirculating mode, wall mounted hoods offer a wide range of styles to suit your individual kitchen,
each with innovative features and a premium finish.

Downdraft Hood
For those wishing to make a real design statement, or just looking for something a little different, look no further than a downdraft hood.
Featuring cutting-edge technology, the hood subtly retracts directly into the kitchen worktop at the touch of a button.

Optimum Rate of Airflow
To decide which hood to choose, first calculate the volume of the room.
This figure can be arrived at by multiplying room length x width x height.
So a kitchen that is 4 x 4 x 2.5 metres has a volume of 40m3
. (see diagram).

This room volume figure is then further multiplied by 10 to obtain the 
optimum rate of airflow for that room, based on the need to change the air ten times an hour.
So our kitchen of 40m3 x 10 = 400 – meaning it would require an extraction rate of 400m3/h
for efficient ventilation of the room.

For optimum extraction capability ensure that the hood width 
is equivalent or greater than the width of your hob.


Typical kitchen volume example:
X = 4m Y = 4m Z = 2.5m


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