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Foster Ovens S4000 multifunzione PL 60x60 - 72 litri

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Ovens and Coordinated Products

The oven becomes asystem

Foster ovens are not just cooking tools, but real modular systems of perfectly coordinated machines, to meet every need of cooking and even storage.
Ovens and Coordinated Products

Advanced technology

Foster ovens contain the most advanced technology to achieve excellent results and simplify life in the kitchen. A unique range for completeness of solutions and measures to satisfy even the most demanding palates.
Ovens and Coordinated Products

Vacuum drawer

The professional vacuum at home. An indispensable tool that will change your way of storing and cooking forever.


S4001 7131 054A++ energy class
S4001 7131 054Acqua clean functionSpecial program that facilitates cleaning operations by softening the encrustations on the walls of the oven.
S4001 7131 054Anti-touch finishThe steel parts of the door, thanks to the special protection, are perfectly smooth and protected from fingerprints, while maintaining the elegance of the satin finish.
S4001 7131 054Easy clean enamellingThe Easy-Clean enamelling makes the internal oven surfaces and accessories non-adhesive, while the limited porosity ensures durability and easy cleaning.
S4001 7131 054Fast pre-heatingThis function turns on the heating elements and a flow of hot air raises the temperature to 200°C within a very short time.
S4001 7131 054Full glass doorThe inside of the oven door constitutes a single smooth glass surface making it practical for cleaning purposes.
S4001 7131 054Fully extractable telescopic guidesThe guides on which run pans and grids favor a better distribution of space and make it easier to extract the dishes. Even more comfortable and safe thanks to complete extraction from the cooking chamber.
S4001 7131 054Heat probeIt records the temperature at the core of the product at all times. Once the cooking temperature has been set, the oven signals when the core of the food has reached it, and deactivates the heating elements.
S4001 7131 054Multi-level cookingThe special ventilation makes the temperature uniform and avoids the mixing of smells, thus allowing to cook different kinds of food at the same time.
S4001 7131 054Self cookingAn intuitive and advanced programming system that allows to recall a wide set of preset recipes and to memorize exclusive ones.
S4001 7131 054Soft closing doorThe door’s hinges automatically slow down in the final part of their movement, to achieve a delicate and silent closing.
S4001 7131 054Stop-sol glass finishThe special screening and mirroring treatment of external glass gives the oven an elegant and modern aesthetic. The oven remains dark when not in use, once the illumination is switched on the inside is perfectly visible.
S4001 7131 054Tangential fanA special ventilation creates a flow of air between the cooking chamber and framework, thereby reducing the temperature of the external surfaces. As consequence, the oven does not expose furniture to temperature schock.
S4001 7131 054Triple glassThe door is equipped with a multiple glass door. This device ensures low temperatures of external surfaces and lower heat loss.
S4001 7131 054Xl capacityThe cooking chamber has a volume of over 60 liters, higher than that of standard ovens.

Cooking programs

S4001 7131 054
S4001 7131 054
S4001 7131 054
S4001 7131 054
S4001 7131 054
S4001 7131 054central grillHeat is generated by the upper grill only: ideal for toasting, cooking au gratin and browning foodstuffs and also suitable for meat, fish and pasta.
S4001 7131 054double grillHeat is generated by the upper grill only: ideal for toasting, cooking au gratin and browning foodstuffs and also suitable for meat, fish and pasta.
S4001 7131 054energy savingProgramme that ensures limited energy consumption, ideal for heating foodstuffs or for foodstuffs that require delicate, gradual cooking.
S4001 7131 054Intensive cookingThe upper and lower heating elements and the fan ensure rapid, uniform cooking. ideal for cooking pizzas, roasts, lasagne and savoury pies.
S4001 7131 054Lower-level cookingSuitable for heating foodstuffs.
S4001 7131 054pizza functionThe combination of lower-level, ventilated and grill cooking allows for obtaining a crisp, optimally done pizza.
S4001 7131 054traditional cookingThe ideal function for all traditional recipes, including bread, cakes and roasts.
S4001 7131 054Upper-level cookingSuitable for cooking particularly delicate foodstuffs and for keeping them warm after cooking.
S4001 7131 054ventilated cookingThe combination of ventilation and circular heating elements allows for cooking different types of foodstuffs together, without mixing aromas and flavours.
S4001 7131 054ventilated grillThe combined action of the fan and grill produces rapid and thorough cooking of thick foodstuffs.


Code product : 7131054
Supply 220-240V : 50-60Hz
Energy class : A++
Dimensions : 60x60 cm
Door opening with touch-control display (no handle)
Reversible door opening to side (r or l)
10 functions
Cooking chamber finish : Easy Clean enamel
Guides : 3 Full extension telescopic guides
Lighting : Independent oven's light
Material/Finish : bevelled black mirror glass / anti-touch, brushed stainless steel
Number of door glasses : 3 glasses
Programming : Electronic self-cooking programming
Type of cooling : Tangential ventilation
Oven type : Multifunction oven
Type of commands : Touch Control
Volume : 65Lt



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