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De Dietrich 93cm Piano Zoneless Induction Hob DTIM1000C

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DTIM1000C Induction Hob

93cm Le Piano Zoneless Induction Hob


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Available in: Dark Pearl

Premium Collection

With Le Piano, cooking now comes with freedom of expression with a 100% “open space” cooking zone: horiZone Technology! This new cutting-edge technology hob allows up to 5 different cooking pots at the same time, whatever their size or shape: for example an oval fish kettle, a casserole dish and a frying pan. Place the cooking pots and pans anywhere on the hob and Le Piano takes over . Greater freedom goes hand in hand with absolute reliability as this hob has a great number of inductors which guarantees precision and best power

DTIM1000C Specifications

Solo Mode

The entire cooking area is set at a uniform temperature to cook several dishes at the same time with the same setting.

Expert Function

Recognizes the cooking pans and memorizes chosen settings. The pans can be moved anywhere on the hob surface and the settings remain programmed (up to 5 different saucepans at the same time).

Safety Features
Full Specifications
Induction HobSafety Features


Limits temperature under cooking zone to 300°C.
Auto-stop system

If a dish is left to cook for a prolonged period of time, the hob switches off by itself.
Automatic pan detection

The hob will only work when it detects a magnetic cookware on the zone.
Child lock

This function prevents accidental start up, especially by children.
Connection error detection

Notifications for bad connection.
Low voltage detection

Notifications for weak voltage.
Over tension detection

Surge protection to prevent damage to the electronic circuits of the hob in event of power surge.
Small objects detection

A small object such as a fork or spoon is not detected as cookware. Induction only starts when in contact with metal surfaces exceeding 10cm in diameter.

If a liquid happens to boil over onto the control panel, the cooking zone is automatically cut off.
Residual heat indicator

After a long period of cooking, the cooking zone may remain hot. The display indicates if the temperature is higher than 60°C.

Built in (H x W x D) mm: 90 x 900 x 490
Actual (W x D) mm: 90 x 930 x 520
Packed (H x W x D) mm: 300 x 1080 x 630
Gross weight (kg): 30
Net weight (kg): 34

Electric power: 10800W
Voltage / Frequency / Amperage: 220-240V / 50/60 Hz (63A)
Connection type: Single Phase
Length of electrical supply cord: 150 cm

Intuitive Color Matrics control
3 cooking modes: Solo / Piano / Expert
Total hob power: 10800w
15 Power levels per placement
Dedicated booster function for each zone
Start control
Elapsed timer
Power Tracker
Independent 99mins timer
Dedicated lock function
Bevelled chrome trimmings
10 safety features
More info

Material: Vitroceramic glass surface
Control panel type: Touch control
Frame: Top and Bottom beveled chrome trimming

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