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Beko Vented Dryer DRVS73W

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This vented tumble dryer has an LED progress indicator so you can easily track the progress of its cycle, as well as a variety of special care programmes for all your laundry needs.

Medium load capacity (7kg)

Medium load capacity (7kg)

These Beko appliances allow you to dry larger loads and the small depth delivers a flush finish with the kitchen cabinets. You can dry up to 20 hand towels in one cycle, saving you more time and energy.

LED indicator lights

Equipped with LED Indicator Lights which enable you to track the progress of the programme as well as the dryness levels.

Sensor drying programmes

Sensor drying programmes

The Sensor drying programmes identify the levels of moisture in the drum and automatically stop when the desired dryness level is achieved. Preventing over-drying, they help you save time and money on energy bills and provide a better protection for clothes.

Timed programmes 

Choose from a wide range of timed based options, providing you with maximum control and great flexibility in all cycle programming.

Special care programmes

Special care programmes

With a wide range of options to choose from, you are guaranteed that there is a programme to suit all your needs, whether drying delicates, shirts or jeans.

Auto Cool down phase

Cool air is blown into the drum just before the cycle ends, allowing you to comfortably unload the laundry.

Automatic Anti-creasing function

With the Automatic Anti-creasing function the drum rotates periodically for up to 2 hours after the cycle has finished. The gentle drum action separates the laundry to help reduce creases until you’re ready to take the load out.

Reverse action drum

The reverse action drum prevents clothing from tangling and creasing by loosening the clothing as they are drying.

Easy access filter

Featuring easily accessible filters, you can rest assured that your tumble dryer can be cleaned without hassle, thus guaranteeing excellent drying performance.

End of cycle buzzer

Equipped with an end of cycle buzzer, this clever Beko appliance will signal when the cycle is complete. This option can be deactivated if needed.

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Main features

Energy Efficiency Class C
Adjustable front feet Yes
Minimum ambient temperature 5°C
Drying Technology Vented
Display No
Dryness Control Method (Timed/Sensor) Sensor
Max Load Capacity Cottons (kg) 7
Programme Sequence Indicator Lights Yes
Max Load Capacity Synthetics (kg) 3.5
No of Main Programmes 15
No of Sensor Programmes 10
No of Timed Programmes 5
Large Porthole Door Yes
Door Opening Angle 155°
Indicator light on all function buttons Yes
Easy Access Filter Positioned Conveniently Yes
Time delay 3,6,9 hr
Drum Light No
Child Lock Feature Operated Electronically Yes
Clean Filter Indicator Light Yes
Auto Cooldown Phase Yes
Reverse Action (Bi-directional drum action) Yes
Inner Drum Material Galvanized Steel
1.5m Venting hose supplied Yes


Cottons-Cupboard Dry Plus Yes
Cottons-Extra Dry Yes
Cottons-Cupboard Dry Yes
Cottons-Iron Dry Yes
Synthetics-Cupboard Dry Yes
Synthetics-Iron Dry Yes
Jeans Yes
Timed Programmes-10 Minutes Yes
Timed Programmes-20 Minutes Yes
Timed Programmes-40 Minutes Yes
Timed Programmes-60 Minutes Yes

Auxiliary Functions

End of cycle buzzer Yes
Cancel End of cycle buzzer Yes
Anti-Creasing Automatic

Beko Energy EfficiencyA-60% Energy Efficiency
Tumble dryers used to be considered as the most energy consuming products among all household appliances. Well, not anymore! Beko has now brought a new approach and made a huge difference with its new heat pump tumble dryer range. Products ranging from A-10% energy consumption to A-60% energy consumption, Beko offers a large spectrum of costeffective & energy-saving solutions. With the selection of these models, it is now possible to save 65% energy when compared to regular tumble dryers.
Beko Flexy SenseFlexySense - Automatic Sensor Drying
Beko sensor-controlled dryers provide easy use with advanced moisture and temperature sensors. The FlexySense sensors save you from the time estimation for drying by allowing you to choose the desired dryness level. The dryer stops automatically when it detects the requested dryness level that has been achieved.


Beko Freshen Up Program Freshen Up
The freshen-up program allows you to get rid of unwanted odors in your laundry with a gentle drum action ensures that your laundry is freshened-up without having to be washed.
 Child Lock
The child lock option can be activated to prevent little fingers from playing around with the buttons and knobs. Activating the child lock option prevents any change made on the selected program.
 Auto Anti-Creasing
In Beko dryers, the anti-crease function automatically follows the drying cycle.
Beko Shirts Program Shirts Program
Drying shirts in a normal drying cycle can damage the shirt and cause loss of brightness in whites over time. The shirt program in Beko tumble dryers has been specifically designed to offer solutions for these problems, offering a gentle program that dries shirts at low temperatures and minimizes any possible damage to whites. The program assures that your shirts last much longer than they usually would.



Customer Services Information

Customer Services

Toll Free Number : 1-800-88-BEKO(2356)

WhatsApp : +6018-9404550 (text only)

Mon-Fri 8.30am – 5.30pm


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