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Beko 12kg Washing Machine (WMY 1214441)

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Thanks to its new drum, paddle and door design, Aquawave™ Technology of Beko washing machines provide gentle yet effective washing conditions for all garments, making them last longer.

Aquawave™ Technology

The wash load can vary in size and type of fabric. Thanks to the automatic water control system, the amount of water is automatically adjusted to give optimum performance depending on the size and type of fabric being washed.

Automatic Water Control System



ProSmart Inverter Motor

The Pro-Smart Inverter Motor provides a more energy efficient and quieter operation and comes with a 10 year warranty for extra peace of mind.

Fast Wash for Full Load

You no longer have to wait hours for your daily wash to be ready, with our Fast Full Load washing programmes you can wash a large load of laundry, even as big as 10kg, in 39 min or under. 

Interactive Text LCD Display

The LCD screen with touch buttons makes programming your washing machine that much easier. Apart from showing the spin speed, temperature and time delay, it also displays the programme name and the functions that are available to be selected with that particular programme.

Extra Large Porthole Door

For easy loading and unloading of washes, ideal for larger items of laundry like duvets or bed linen.


This 8kg washing machine offers you washing flexibility with its extra large door and ability to wash 40 shirts in one wash cycle and the Aquawave drum is gentle on your laundry.

Large load capacity (8kg)

Large load capacity (12kg)

Large drum sizes allow you to wash more in one go, making life easier and saving you money. You can wash 40 shirts in one wash cycle. That’s why it’s ideal for large families who frequently wash large loads and bulky items. You’ll end up saving even more time and energy. 1

A+++ Energy Rating

A+++ Energy Rating

This Beko appliance is up to 40% more energy efficient than 'A' rated models, saving you moneyon energy bills.

Fast wash for full load - 8kg in only 28 minutes

Fast wash for full load - 12kg in only 28 minutes

You no longer have to wait hours for your daily wash to be ready, with our Daily Quick programme you can wash a full load of laundry in just 28 minutes. 2

Fast wash for small load - 2kg in 14 min

Quick wash programmes allow fast cleaning of smaller loads. Ideal for when you're in a hurry, the Xpress Super Short Programme washes a 2 kg load of lightly soiled laundry in just 14 min. 3

Child safety lock

Activating the Child Safety Lock prevents the accidental changing of washing programmes by locking the buttons.

Innovative Programmes

Choose from a variety of innovative programmes to suit different clothing types, ensuring your clothes are impeccably cleaned and cared for.

Hand Wash Programme

Hand Wash Programme

This gentle programme moves clothes lightly through the cycle and uses minimal water to avoid shrinkage - perfect for delicate fabrics such as silk and those with "hand wash" label

Baby & Toddler Programme

Specially designed to care for babies and toddlers or for people with sensitive skin, it extends the washing time and applies extra rinsing to avoid allergy problems related to sensitive skin.

Smart Washing Machines

Compared to regular washing machines that lose nearly 25% of detergent during washing, Beko’s specially developed Aquafusion Technology reduces the amount of wasted detergent and significantly enhances washing performance. Our Aquafusion Technology is a feature on all Beko washing machines.

Automatic water level reduction for half or small loads

This Beko appliance automatically reduces the water level for half or small loads, saving you money on utility bills.

Aquawave Drum

The Beko washing machines have a soft drum pattern that is designed to be non abrasive, for better protection of clothes, but creates enough gentle friction to assist in cleaning the laundry.

General Features
Woolmark woolmark gold
Water Inlet Single (cold)
Remain Time Display Yes
Steam Yes
Product Color White
Aquaround Yes
Ball system Yes
Drum Pattern AquaWave 
Side Wall Type S shape
Electronic Type Big LCD
Time Delay 0-24h
Unbalanced Load Control Yes
Durable Heater Yes
Capacity (kg) 12.0
Child Lock Yes
Over Flow Safety Yes
Automatic Water Adjustment System Yes 
Maximum Spin Speed (rpm) 1400
Number of Programs 16
Program-1 Cottons
Program-2 Cottons Eco
Program-3 Synthetics
Program-4 Daily Xpress
Program-5 Xpress Super Short
Program-6 Sports
Program-7 Rinse
Program-8 Spin+Drain
Program-10 Woollens
Program-11 Steam Therapy
Program-12 Real Hand Wash
Program-13 Babyprotect Mini
Program-16 Auto Program
Auxillary Function -1 Prewash
Auxillary Function -2 Quick Wash
Auxillary Function -3 Pet Hair Removal
Auxillary Function -4 Memory
Front Door Color Piano Black
Program Knob Ring Color Chrome
Electronic Control Yes
Program Follower Yes
Variable Spin Selection Yes
Liquid Detergent Drawer Yes
Aquasafe Yes
Front Door Decorative Part Color Chrome
Drum Volume 72
Drum Material Stainless Steel
Cabinet Depth (cm) 62.5 cm
Cabinet Width (cm) 60.0 cm
Cabinet Height (cm) 84.0 cm
Cabinet Weight (kg) 84.0 kg

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