3M One Touch Water-Saving Device Connect to All Type Faucet

3M One Touch Water-Saving Device Connect to All Type Faucet

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This is very similar to the plastic filter disc , which you can install inside the filter nozzle screwed at the front of your tap. What is unique for this 3M  Water Saver, it comes with a convenient “one touch” button to on and off the tap. The gadget minimises bacterial infection as there is less hand contact on the faucet.

It is ideal for the kitchen sink as well as the washroom basin. The left tap is installed with the 3M Filtrete Water Saver, which visually does not affect the volume flow though it is touted to have reduced by 45%.

3M Water Saver helps you save 45% of running water from your tap!
It not only helps you save money, it is eco-friendly! 
It is easy to install, convenient to use as you simply just turn on or off your tap with just one touch. 
Reduce area of hand contact with the tap surface to reduce risk of bacteria transmission.


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