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3M 2-Stage Filteration System EP-25 PLUS

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3M Drinking Water Systems Guide

3M  AP110 

3M EP25 


100% Authentic Make in USA

First Cartridge : 3M Aquapure AP110

The Aqua Pure AP110 provides three times the life of comparable cartridges. This high quality commercial duty cartridge is a progressive porosity polypropylene melt blown construction preventing unloading or passing. The graded density design and grooved surface increases dirt holding efficiency and capacity, providing up to three times the life of comparable cartridges. The AP110 reduces turbidity, algae, sediment, dirt, rust, and particulate contaminants down to 5 microns in size.

Second Cartridge ; 3M EP25
  • Grooved cartridge increases surface area for longer filter life
  • Extended cartridge life
  • Rigid construction help to eliminate sediment "unloading" due to variances in water pressure
  • Cartridge is manufactured from FDA CFR-21 compliant materials
  • Maximum operating temperature of 170° F (76.7°C)
  • Filter Screen : 1.0 micron
  • Premium graded density depth filtration provides longer cartridge life and higher dirt removal efficiency.
  • Particulate reduction down to 0.5 micron provides protection from water borne cysts such as giardia, cryptosporidium, and lead.
  • Modified carbon block media yields greater depth of granular carbon for superior chlorine removal and life.
  • Also removes rust, turbidity, dirt, mold, algae, oxidized iron, oxidized manganese, and oxidized sulfides.
  • Superior Taste and peace of mind
    • 1,400 gallons (5,300 liters) chlorine/taste/odor reduction, as tested to NSF Standard 42
    • Cyst reduction as tested to NSF Standard 53
  • Manufactured with FDA food grade components (CFR-21) for all drinking water applications.
  • High-impact plastic design, pressure tested to 3 times the rated operating pressure....overcomes fatigue caused by water hammer.
  • Fits competitive head without additional parts or adapters.
  • No activation required. Just install and enjoy great tasting water.
  • Significantly reduces carbon fine bleed typically found upon start up.
  • Compatible with Arrowhead Puritap single cartridge system.
  • The EP25 is the same as the EP15 with the added feature of Lead Reduction.
  • Intelligent flow controller
  • Filter capacity : 4353ltr
  • Size : H38XW12cm
  • Limited one year warranty.
  • 100% Authentic New Product
  • Made in USA


3M Stardard Warranty
1) 100% Authentic New Product From USA
2) Money Back Guarantee
3) One to One exhange Basic
Water treatment systems by 3M (excluding replaceable elements) are covered by a limited warranty against defects in material and other parts for a period of one years after date of purchase. 3M replaceable elements (filter cartridges and water treatment cartridges) are covered by a limited warranty against defects in material and other parts for a period of one year after date of purchase.
(Warranty void on damages due to Installation failure) 


Why Choose 3M?

 Reliable Performance

  • With its specially formulated media, 3M Water Filter Systems are capable of effective removal of Chlorine, Cysts, MTBE***, VOCs.

 Easy to Use

  • 3M Water Filter Systems provide great-tasting water in an instant.

 Saves Energy

  • With cleaner, clearer, better-tasting water, you do not need to boil water anymore.

 Trusted Quality

  • 3M Water Filter Systems** are tested and certified by NSF International*, thus ensuring that all our performance claims are validated.

 Easy to Maintain

  • With an effortless twist, filter cartridge change is easier than changing a light bulb. Filter change-out is also made easier with a monitoring device.
 Made in USA

*NSF International is an independent lab that ensures all drinking water systems are tested and certified to meet strict public health and safety standards. Visit www.NSF.org to find out more.

**AP DWS1000, AP Easy Complete, AP Easy Cyst FF

***Only for AP DWS1000

NSF/ANSI Standard 42

  • Designed to reduce taste and odour, chlorine, nominal particulate and chloramine which increases lead level in bloodstream as well as causing respiratory problem such as asthma.

NSF/ANSI Standard 53

  • Reduces specific health-related contaminants such as lead, pesticides and cysts which cause diarrhea, cramps, nausea and low grade fever as well as being potentially fatal.

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