Kitchen Under Counter HOT WATER SYSTEM HOT 5 + AEuS HOT

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Kitchen Under Counter HOT WATER SYSTEM HOT 5 + AEuS HOT

Always hot water without waitingSteam and low-spray pinSuitable for fast preparation of hot drinks and foodTemperature setting from 65 ° C to approx. 97 ° CValve with push-turn mechanism against unintentional opening of hot waterCool surface of the hot water tap by separate guidance of the hot water in the tapHigh quality thermal insulationFlexible connection hoses

product details

Hot water machine for the immediate use of almost 100 ° C boiling water without waiting time. Suitable for the rapid preparation of hot drinks and food as well as the cleaning of heavily soiled dishes in the home or small offices and practices. The HOT 5t is a space-saving system consisting of a 5 liter open-top storage unit (without pressure) and the special AEuS HOT kitchen mixer. This tap has a handle for tapping hot water from the storage tank and a mixing lever for hot and cold water from the central hot water supply. For safety, the tap handle for the hot water has a push-turn mechanism. Furthermore, the hot water in the valve is guided separately, so that the surface of the valve can be handled safely. Due to the open design, the tap of hot water is low in steam and spraying. There is no escape of steam from the fitting while the water is being heated. After removing hot water, the water remaining in the mixer flows back into the storage tank so that freshly heated water can be removed immediately at the next dispensing operation. The store has a Styrofoam insulation for low heat loss. 


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