Tuscani Wine Chiller

Tuscani wine cellars are equipped with a unique climate control system, which is Nano Air-cycle Cooling System that distributes the temperature evenly inside the wine cellar and regulates the humidity level. The brand presents a wide range of wine cellars offering Single, Dual and Multi-Temperature models to meet your cellaring needs for sparking (5-8ºC), white wine (9-12ºC) or red wine (15-18ºC). Here, Tuscani introduces the Tuscani Wine Cellar Bellona 38! 

Design and functions

Freestanding or built-in installation, it has a stylish interior light to enhance visibility. With reversible door hinge, left door or right door opening is simple and convenient. To enable easy operation, the simple digital control panel design for ease of use and ensures temperature is accurately programmed. The wine cellar includes ‘T’ (tropicalized climate class) suitable for humid weather. 

Natural ventilation and UV protection

In order to prevent mold growth, which generate bad odor and risk deteriorating the corks, the wine cellars provide a natural permanent ventilation, introducing renewed air from the ambience into the cellar through an "air-circulation" effect. Light and UV rays rapidly destroy your wines by oxidizing the tannins so this wine cellar has a triple glazed UV protection tempered glass door which will safeguard your collection of fine wines.

Vibration and Fluctuations Free

Balance and stable Nano Air-cycle Cooling System compressor, solid beech (wooden) shelves and adjustable front legs are equipped in the cellar to ensure the cellars are leveled and stable to avoid vibration and fluctuations. The cellar comes with a protective varnish and use to reduce vibrations, keep your wine snug and accommodate all types and shapes of bottles. The shelves can be adjusted to ensure maximum storage of wines. The integrated charcoal filter serves to absorb unpleasant odor. 


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