We are on the threshold of the IoT era, where all things are connected to one another through digital technology, transforming the way we do business, the shape of industry, and people's lifestyles.
Anticipating these changes, Hitachi is advancing its 2018 Mid-term Management Plan to become an Innovation Partner for the IoT Era. In fiscal 2016—the first year of its three-year plan with a target date set for fiscal 2018—Hitachi transitioned from a product-out organizational structure to a market-driven one, and worked vigorously to launch the Lumada IoT platform to enable new value creation.
Today, we are engaged in helping resolve a wide range of social issues through the global implementation of our Social Innovation Business—which combines the operational technologies that have been our strength since our founding with the expertise in IT we have amassed over more than half a century, including such new digital technologies as big data analysis and AI.
The needs of our customers and the issues confronting society today are constantly changing. Responding quickly and effectively to those changes requires collaborative creation with customers and partners. We will work with all of you to address shared issues, exchange ideas, and create new value for society by contributing to the enhancement of people's quality of life and the building of a sustainable society.

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