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Häfele Group Worldwide

Quality in our products. Adherence to German standards. Proximity to our business partners. These attributes have been key to our steady growth through the years. Today, Häfele Group Worldwide has more than 6,200 employees at 37 subsidiaries on six continents.

Maintaining close relationships with our customers has been a priority since our founding in 1923 in Nagold, Germany. This proximity, combined with a strong service orientation, enables us to do more for every client. Häfele products and services are always geared to the needs and desires of our customers. As specialists with deep industry knowledge, we’re committed to delivering the highest level of personal attention and customized service.

Our Philosophy

Adolf Häfele – our founder – built his company on a philosophy that focused on frequent personal contact. By visiting his customers at their facilities, he was able to see the challenges and opportunities they faced. Nearly a century later, we remain convinced that proximity to our business partners is the best way to accurately identify the need and potential for product improvements.

The advantage of being close to our customers aligns perfectly with our commitment to add value to all we do. We’re constantly developing new products and services to fit the requirements of the marketplace. And by pursuing innovative solutions to real-world needs, we can contribute both functional and financial value to our business partners.

Our Competencies

For all our experience and expertise in the building trades, one goal drives us: to make things better. Whether the application is commercial, architectural or residential, we seek to improve the world through products that make life more convenient and more fulfilling. Through our unique capabilities in manufacturing and sourcing, we place our customers and their end-users at the center of all product development.

Social Responsibility

Our stated goal – and an integral part of our philosophy – is to take responsibility, think holistically and act in the best interests of our planet and its inhabitants. On a social level we seek to enhance quality-of-life for our employees, their families and the communities in which they live. Globally, we follow practices that support environmental safety and sustainability. That’s because our responsibility is to future generations as well as the present.

Sibylle Thierer, managing director of Häfele Group, sums up our responsibility this way: "As a family we think long-term. Everything we do is based on values that are passed down and preserved from generation to generation."

Global Partner

As an international resource for furniture fittings, architectural hardware, electronic locking systems and lighting, we serve multiple industries. Our customers include manufacturers, designers, dealers, builders and architects. In each case, Häfele is proud to serve as a global business partner.

For example, Häfele provides furniture manufacturers with all the products and parts their production facilities might need. In addition, our Häfele Engineering subsidiary serves the furniture industry with custom engineering solutions that address everything from hardware development and workflow enhancement to logistics and packaging.


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