Cooking specialists

With spirit of innovation we carry on the excellence of our Emilian tradition.


Functionality, aesthetics, product quality, attention to the environment and to people are the key words that translate the added values of Glem Gas. "Cooking Specialists" continues to be the main objective that leads to the design of high-performance, versatile and reliable products, designed to last over time and for simple use, designed to exceed customer expectations, protecting and strengthening a "know-how" of a consolidated mechanical and culinary tradition born in the heart of Emilia.


La buona cucina italiana

La buona cucina italiana

Experience the best Italian cooking


Good cooking is a matter not only of passion, quality, knowledge, intentions and hard work but also of evolution and territorial identity, all characteristics of genuine cooking experts. A feeling of belonging and the sharing of styles and experiences help to grow the relationship created between an object and the people who use it, making it a part of their daily lives. Quality, style, versatility, experience, convenience: the ingredients of good cooking by Glem Gas.


Cook with style

Cook with style

Elegance and simplicity at work for good cooking


Glem Gas has changed the way people think about kitchens, creating a new functional look and design for appliances. A creative space where design and function come together, where you can be free to express your taste and style, accompanied by the versatility of a complete range of aesthetically refined and extremely easy to use products that can satisfy various tastes and needs. Creativity and innovative design characterise the continual research focused on obtaining the maximum product quality, through strongly expressive solutions, evidence of an unmistakable and timeless Italian style.


Our history
Short schedule
Glem Gas was born in Modena in 1959. Adhering to the best Italian traditions after the war, the company was founded by 3 old friends who intuitively started producing small gas heaters and chimneys. Later, due to their desire to expand the range, the first free-standing Glem gas stove was born. In order to realize modern cookware at an early date, it requires firm enthusiasm, hard work and a lot of research and development.
In 1965, the introduction of new high-range models made Graham Natural Gas a successful player in the domestic market
In 1975, the launch of a new Maxi stove made Glem Gas a leader in the Middle East market
In 1985, the "Admiral" model brought new cookware to the market: semi-professional
Glem Gas expands operations worldwide and develops new plant near Modena in 1989
1990 Advanced Industrial Product Development (New Machinery Division)
2000 New branches opened in France, Portugal and Australia
2002 Glem Gas is the first company to launch a multi-function gas oven with a fan
2006Introduced the concept of lean production in the production process
2008 New production line for assembling and welding built-in ovens. Acquisition of new welding plant
In 2009, Glem Gas became the market leader of Italian Glem independent cooking appliances
Glem Gas was awarded the "Honor Award" by the Compasso d'Oro Design Association in 2011 for its outstanding design and quality
Glem Gas products sold to more than 50 countries worldwide in 2013
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