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Our history

Foster history is rooted in innovation in built-in appliances and a strong passion for art which has supported projects of cultural interest as well as environmental protection. That is the reason why industrial development and artistic interest lead to a combination of events useful for the comprehension of our past.


Technology of deep moulding. At its birth, Foster develops a modern technology for sink production which, refined in more than thirty years of experience, makes it still today a leader company in Europe.


Built-in sinks. Foster follows the development of modular kitchen and is ready for a large diffusion of stainless steel sinks: the best solution because of its properties of hygiene and sturdiness. The production of sinks in stainless steel 18/10 starts.


Enamelled sinks. Trends call for colour and Foster is ready with its offer of enamelled sinks. Now customers can choose between steel finish or white and beige colour matching with same-colour cooker hobs.


Compact oven. The first idea of a 36 cm-high electric ventilated oven. A great success which allows this product, with its following evolutions, to be still a favourite in the present-day range: small external size, low power supply, adequate capacity for standard family needs, smartness and energy saving.


Cuoci lava. The first functional unit by Foster. “Cuoci lava” (cook&wash) concentrates a 4-burners hob, a ventilated electric (or microwave) oven, a dishwasher and a practical holder in only 60x60 cm space. Elegance and practicality together free-standing.


Stainless Specials. From the tradition in steel workmanship and from the deep knowledge of kitchen needs, custom-sized worktops are born. Foster becomes a leader company in Europe for design and production of worktops with built-in sink and hob and it is the favourite partner of the best kitchen manufacturers.


Terranova building. Foster enlarges its offices choosing for its headquarters an ancient convent in the centre of Brescello.


Safeguard of cultural patrimony. Foster recovers the property of the former Franciscan convent in Brescello, restoring its prestigious frescoed rooms and bringing ancient artefacts to light.


Evoluzione. The first real alternative to stainless steel for food washing and preparing in a small space. Evoluzione is a sink of great success, because it matches elegance of sharp shapes and a series of functional accessories as folding drainer and waste basket for separate recycling purposes accessible from the worktop.


Cultural heritage. Foster contributes to the discovery and enhancement of Brescello’s archaeological richness. Ancient Roman amphorae of II-III century b.C. are recovered, which were used for ensuring buildings’ floating in case of flooding from the river Po.

Customisation. Evoluzione, thanks to the great commercial success, enlarges its range of interchangeable accessories, creating for the first time a really customised working area.


Gocciolo. A practical and space-saving solution for dishes rinsing and drying. Being a built-in element, Gocciolo (drainer) avoids the annoyance of water drops dripping down while raising up dishes to the cabinet.


Uragano. Large and capacious bowls, wide corners and rich equipment of functional accessories: the sink becomes the core place for washing and food-preparation. The world-wide success of this news series will be the starting point for the project of the whole range of sinks with radius 155 mm. A design that many competitors have subsequently taken inspiration from.


Ekotek. The philosophy of “Special” or customised products goes beyond steel and finds its extension in the processing of selected resins compounded with mineral charges, which can be shaped in form and colour. Ekotek is designed to be more resistant to heat and light than other materials.

Flush-mount built-in. The elegance of a cooker hob sunk into the worktop surface is an idea in which Foster believed immediately as the best built-in solution for its premium products. From Magic hob up to the present, the flush-mount built-in stands for Foster.


Eleonora. A cooker hob with a deep containing area and flush-mount “recessed” grids forming a single working surface. The great success of this functional solution will be the leitmotiv of the entire Foster professional series.


Compasso d’Oro. The jury of the prestigious international award assigns to Foster the nomination for “the Compasso d’Oro” (golden compasses); motivation: the design of Rondò collection.

Rondò. A unique design, plain and basic, inspires an entire collection and rewards Foster with a nomination for the prestigious award “Compasso d’Oro”. Sink, cooker hob and hood are designed with the goal to combine elegance and functionality in a small space.


Alien with 3 burners. “A cooker hob that did not exist before”. So revolutionary in its design and functionality - thanks to cast-iron grids meant also for wok cooking – that it is still up-to-date and appreciated worldwide.


Corporate Golden Donor. Foster supports the Italian Environmental Fund and protects first-hand the artistic and cultural patrimony of its town opening to visitors the “Terranova Building”, its head office.

Triplo invaso. The simplest and most desired solution: a system of bowls that allows the sliding of different accessories over them. Chopping board, dishes holder and basket have an independent guide each.


Water System. The built-in dispenser purifies water coming from water supply through a silver-salts filter and supplies it at room temperature, fresh, still or sparkling, without removing its natural mineral content. Water System is a practical and stylish furnishing accessory.


Energy saving. Foster is the first company to use high-efficiency and low-consumption burners. This innovation ensures to the user a 20% saving on gas consumption.

Microfoster®. The idea to create a brilliant, scratchproof, steel surface easy to clean, leads to Microfoster. This finish is available for both sinks and cooker hobs.


Easy Food. Aware of the needs of kitchen users and believing in the idea of “Design for All”, Foster develops easily accessible products, whatever the user, skilled or beginner. Worktops and accessories are designed with highly innovative ergonomic and safety solutions.


Alessi by Foster. Two leader companies in Italian design and manufacturing join forces in the development of a series of appliances: signed by architect Mendini, Alessi by Foster collection is born.


Quadra II Series. Squared design of vertical lines together with practicality in cleaning up the rounded corners of the bowl bottom: with the aim of “functional design”, Quadra II Series is born.


Club Imprese per la Natura (Companies for Nature Association). Thanks to its company social responsibility and attention to environmental topics, Foster joins this Association founded by WWF.

S4000. Design & Performance are keywords for this minimalist collection, offering professional performances and energy saving. S4000 “soft touch” oven introduces an exclusive door opening system (no handle) controlled by the simple touch of one finger.


MI Show Room. Foster attends fair events at the new Milan exhibition center Pero-Rho creating a permanent exhibition show in 2008. The new appliances are displayed on special mirror-finished stainless steel wave-shaped structures.

S4000. A customized stainless steel worktop shaped from a single sheet of metal represents the great development reached by Foster in steel moulding technology.


Foster Experience. In the Tortona district of Milan, under Foster’s patronage, 6 star-awarded chefs and 3 architectural firms carry out an unusual journey by putting together design and gourmet passion: from steel and Ekotek 3 concepts are developed: Sushi, Thai and Vegetarian cuisine.


Italian Finest. The best representatives of Italian manufacturing and style are gathered in Maastricht for a selection of exclusive guests. Invited by an important kitchen manufacturer, Foster shares a three-days event of great acknowledgments together with the Italian Finest: Ferrari, Maserati, Vespa, Flos,...

Pulchra Award “The 100 most beautiful things in the World”. Stainless steel Foster S4000 worktop is selected by a professional and prestigious jury: Gilda Bojardi – editor of “Interni”, Claude Jean-Colas – editor of “Marie Claire Maison” and Flavio Albanese – editor of “Domus”.


Inclined containing area. A new series of cooker hobs with inclined containing area: a concept which underlies a definite style and offers great practicality in cleaning up: GK, KE; KS Series.


S4000 Domino. It is the top collection as far as performance and energy efficiency are concerned. The new AE (High Efficiency) burners offer 69% energy efficiency and 5 kW power. A complete series with 52 cm depth that allows multiple solutions.


KE Series. Foster continues its commitment to recover the concept of beautiful design. The research in ergonomics is developed in the KE series with its inclined containing area for easy cleaning. A wide range, with different versions, including one with white enamelled grids resistant to high temperatures.


GK Series. A new series of cooker hobs, sinks and mixer taps: a result of Foster experience and professionalism. The outcome of years of research, leading to the creation of a cooker hob with in-line burners, easy to clean. Only 47 cm deep, it features wide sturdy grids and the Dual Crown 5 kW high efficiency burner. An innovative collection ahead of its time.

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