The Airegard brand consists of three product ranges – HVLS fans, Ventilator and Hand Dryer that were developed to help create more comfortable and healthy living and working environments. Each range is designed with a specific and effective purpose, be it to improve air circulation and quality; to offset indoor pollution from VOCs, cigarette smoke and household or industrial chemicals; as well as to provide a fast, efficient and hygienic way to dry the hands.

Airegard products have a wide range of applications, including commercial and industrial settings, as well as residential and public areas like prayer halls, covered courtyards and shopping malls. This range of products is also designed to be highly-efficient and cost-effective, as well as features sturdy construction, durable motors and hard-wearing surfaces. Equipped with excellent after-sales service, they are easy to maintain and make a sound long-term investment.



Managing Director/Founder


The founder of AireGard, Mr Tee’s relentless desire and hunger was crucial in the establishment of AireGard as the leading brand in ventilation industry. Under his invaluable guidance and leadership, AireGard went from strength to strength since establishment, constantly creating better air flows for homes and office.



Project Sales Manager


Damien is one of our longest-serving team members, having come on board in 2000. His experience, dedication and input have been invaluable, particularly in the development of our retail and project sales channels, as well as category development for HVLS.



Marketing Manager


Since joining the Gard Inc team in 2007, Gary has been an indispensible figure in our internal growth. With a background in Multimedia Design, he has a keen eye for aesthetics and details, but it’s his innate people skills that make him a natural in marketing and sales.


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