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Teka Malaysia | Sales

Teka Malaysia | Sales

Complete Your Home with Appliances from Teka Malaysia

Hailing all the way from Germany, this brand was founded in 1924 to bring every household in the world hi-tech appliances without the exorbitant price tags. Teka Malaysia offers products like hoods, stoves, ovens, microwaves, and dishwashers. Not only that, Teka also has a line of bathroom appliances like sinks, bathroom taps, and showers.

Why Teka?

Teka understands the needs of a modern home. In a time where everything can be digitally and easily controlled, it’s time that your kitchen does the same. Teka kitchen appliances are smart, analyzing how you use the appliances to improve their performance and your convenience. With Teka appliances, you don’t have to become a top chef to be able to produce the best dishes. Rely on the technology provided by Teka to make sure your dishes always come out with the highest of quality.

Aside from that, while the Teka bathroom appliances don’t have the same hi-tech innovations (e.g. touch screens, self-cleaning modes) their performance is one of the best in the market today. Whenever you take a bath or a shower with Teka bathroom appliances, not only will you be clean head to toe, you’ll be saving more water thanks to their special mechanisms.

The Best Teka Ovens

Teka is perhaps best known for their high-quality ovens but there are several oven collections that always stand out. One of the collections is the Teka WISH ovens; these Teka ovens are designed beautifully and are equipped with the latest technology to make baking and cooking a breeze.

One of the technologies featured in these Teka ovens is the DualClean self-cleaning system. The DualClean system allows you to choose between Pyrolysis or Hydroclean cleaning methods; the former uses heat for a thorough cleaning while the latter utilizes water for an everyday cleaning. Other than the DualClean feature, the WISH Teka ovens have the Personal Assistant Mode that allows you to store up to 50 recipes straight within the oven’s interface.

The Teka WISH ovens come in three different models and ranges: Easy, Total, and Maestro. The Teka WISH Easy range is the simplest out of the three and features minimal settings and modes without compromising the quality of the appliance. The Teka WISH Total range is for those seeking functionality, great and innovative features, and a modern design all in one. Lastly, the Teka WISH Maestro range is for people who want restaurant-quality appliance in their own homes.

The Best Teka Hobs and Hoods

While your stove doesn’t determine how great of a cook you are, it doesn’t hurt for you to invest in a good set of hobs and hoods. Just like the Teka oven collection, Teka hobs come in a variety of models and design, the most popular and innovative one being the Teka WISH hobs. Also divided into three ranges (Easy, Total, and Maestro), these induction hobs by Teka have everything you need to make cooking easier.

One of the Teka hobs from this collection that stands out is the Teka Twin Model Hobs. This Teka hob combines gas and induction all in the same unit. It features a touchscreen on the induction side and classic stove knobs on the gas side to control the flame easily. Another great feature from one of the hobs from this Teka appliance collection is the induction tablet. Think of it as a touch-screened tablet that’s attached to your induction hob, you can control and maintain the heat of your hob through this induction tablet. It features a red LED to indicate heat power level, blue LED to indicate cooking time, shortcut menu screen, and multiple option screen.

Pair your hi-tech Teka hobs with a Teka WISH hood so your kitchen can be odor and smoke-free. These Teka hoods are divided into three ranges as well with different settings, features, and modes. These Teka products are the perfect hood for your kitchen because they are tested for their energy efficiency, lighting efficiency, grease-filtering efficiency, and fluid dynamic efficiency. You’ll be making one of the best decisions in your life if you add these Teka hoods, along with the Teka hobs, into your kitchen.

Other Teka Appliances for Your Home

While ovens, hobs, and hoods are the most popular products by the brand, Teka also overs many more appliances and accessories. These include refrigerators, microwaves, dishwashers, dryers, washing machines, coffee machines, and plate warmers, all featuring similar technologies as the Teka WISH ovens, hobs, and hoods.

Other than kitchen appliances, your bathroom can also be made more homey and hi-tech with the Teka bathroom appliances. This line includes shower heads and units, taps for your sinks and bathtubs, and bathroom accessories like soap dishes, towel holders, hangers, and more.



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