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Robam Malaysia | Sales

Robam Malaysia | Sales

State Of Art Technology Guiding Your Through Joyful Cooking

Over the past 30 years, Robam was dedicated to building closer bonding between Chinese families and its kitchen through state of art technology and perfect reliable quality.

In the future, Robam continues to dedicate herself to improving cooking atmosphere, melting Chinese long catering culture and its state of art technology,so every family can enjoy cooking brought by such state of art technology, and science & technology was engaging deeper with humanism, and it’s  becoming more joyful to cook.By bringing closer family members, more happy families are assembled in the world.

Envisaging All Kind Of Fantasy For Kitchen Lifestyle

Since 1987 when the 1st generation Range Hood was created by Robam and Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics, till now, over 35 million households are enjoying cooking accompanied by Robam appliances.Robam provides integrated kitchen appliance solutions ranging from Range hood, cookware, sterilizer, oven, steam oven, microwave oven, to electric pressure pot. Robam customized the range hood for Chinese kitchen through its core technology.



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